As you know it by now, there is a reason why we are praised not only for the elegance and the attention to details of our swimwear, but also for its superior quality. We take great pride in ourselves whenever a blissfully amazed Customer shares with us images of her perfectly intact PHUKET MERMAIDS swimwear that dates back to many years ago. Our uncompromising stance for quality, combined with our use of, inter alia, Italian-made premium fabrics for, both, the inner lining as well as the outer layer of your swimwear, undoubtedly, makes it highly durable, elegant and comfortable to wear it for a surprisingly long period of time!

Nonetheless, given that these are, still, items of regular use, they do age and get worn out in time. The reasons are numerous and may include their extended exposure to excessive amounts of chlorine, perfume and deodorants, sunscreen, tanning products as well as, simply, perspiration. So, here are a few tips for you about how to extend the lifespan of your beloved PHUKET MERMAIDS swimwear and stay simply irresistible in it for as long as possible. Those are:

  • Even if all of our swimwear articles have high levels of resistance to chlorine, we, still, do recommend avoiding their excessive and extended exposure to it, as high levels of chlorine do eventually result in beaching away of their colours and/or destroying of their fabrics;
  • Prior to washing your swimwear, try to remove, as much as possible, all sand that is trapped in it;
  • Simply rinse well your swimwear in clean cold water 
  • Or, if opting for machine wash of your swimwear, then:

- place it inside a mesh laundry bag
- wash it on ‘hand wash’ or a gentle cycle using cold water and a mild detergent  
- do not bleach it
- do not tumble dry it  

  • Do not wring-twist it
  • Do not iron it  
  • And, dry your swimwear flat, in the shade 




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